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AS Quiz #13

Today’s quiz is not multiple choice. Instead, your task is to draw a spiral using a recursive function.

Optionally you can alter your function to draw other types of spiral forms:

(You can view various solutions in the comments - as well as my solution at wonderfl)

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QuickBox2D Tutorial

Today the first part of a 3 part QuickBox2D tutorial went live on

It’s an intro tutorial, so it just scratches the surface. Part 2 digs a bit deeper and part 3 covers complex stuff like joints and contacts…. (part 2 and 3 will be posted sometime in the near future).

Check it out here…

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AS Quiz # 12

Today’s quiz is not multiple choice. Instead, use your choice of the Graphics class or BitmapData to write a function that generates the below image:

Your function need not take any arguments, it need only return a display object containing the above image.

Feel free to post your solution in the comments.

[EDIT] Solutions:

The solutions that have been posted in the comments so far are REALLY nice - they’re all worth checking out… and I think everyone posted their code to wonderfl so you can see the result without needing to open flash….

My two solutions:
The first solution is a variation on an example from the book I wrote with Rich Shupe:
First Solution

The next solution is actually in an old post from this site - it uses setPixel and HSV - RGB conversion:
Second Solution

Thanks to everyone who posted solutions so far - I’m surprised again by how many people participate in this format of quiz.

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AS Quiz #11

Today’s quiz jumps around from topic to topic, touching on filters, events, BitmapData and more…

Number of Questions : 6
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : Miscellaneous

Which of the below correctly applies a ColorTransform instance to a display object called "clip"?

Which of the below is the correct way to apply a BlurFilter instance to a display object called "clip"?

Fill in the blank... The first three arguments of the BlurFilter constructor are _________.

Which of the below lists the event phases in the order they occur?

Fill in the blank... The eventPhase property of an Event object instance is of type ________.
Think twice before answering this one... its tricky.

True or False. ActionScript imposes a limit on the size of BitmapData instances you can create.

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