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Snippet Template (imports)

  1. package {
  2.     import adobe.utils.*;
  3.     import flash.accessibility.*;
  4.     import flash.display.*;
  5.     import flash.errors.*;
  6.     import*;
  7.     import flash.external.*;
  8.     import flash.filters.*;
  9.     import flash.geom.*;
  10.     import*;
  11.     import*;
  12.     import flash.printing.*;
  13.     import flash.profiler.*;
  14.     import flash.sampler.*;
  15.     import flash.system.*;
  16.     import flash.text.*;
  17.     import flash.ui.*;
  18.     import flash.utils.*;
  19.     import flash.xml.*;
  21.     dynamic public class Snippet extends MovieClip {
  22.         public function Snippet() {
  23.              // paste your snippet here (functions and all)
  24.         }
  25.     }
  26. }

This snippet imports all flash packages and is dynamic... you can copy actionsnippet code into the constructor of this file if you use Flex, FlashDevelop, TextMate etc... I tested it with a bunch of snippets and it seems to work nicely.

When I first teach classes in AS3 this is the template I use:

  1. package{
  2.     import flash.display.*;
  3.     import*;
  5.     public class Main extends Sprite{
  6.         // etc...
  7.     }
  8. }

Display and events cover a lot of ground..... next one I find myself adding is flash.geom, followed by I'd say those are my top 4 most frequently used packages.... I do lots of text layout in the Flash IDE, otherwise flash.text would be in there....

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Dynamic Timeline Vars

  1. this.myVar = "I am a dynamic variable";
  2. trace(this.myVar);
  4. // trace(myVar) // will cause an error

This code will add dynamic untyped variables to the timeline. Although this example is pretty useless, it scratches the surface of an interesting topic.... by default all flash timeline code gets compiled into a giant dynamic document class that uses the undocumented addFrameScript() function. This means that all import statements on the timeline, even ones not on frame one become part of this large document class.

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