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AS Quiz #18

Today’s quiz is about BitmapData and the Graphics class…

Number of Questions : 5
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : BitmapData, Graphics

True or False. Subpixel x and y coordinates for DisplayObjects are made possible by anti-aliasing.

Which of the following methods would you use to set a pixel with an alpha channel value?

Which of the following methods would you used if you wanted to boost performance when drawing to a BitmapData object?

True or False. Perlin Noise is built right into the BitmapData class.

Which of the following methods does not exist in the Graphics class?

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Clock Quiz

Here is a quick sunday quiz. Create some kind of clock with as little code as possible. Even just a textfield and the date object would cut it, but preferably try to do something a little more interesting. Post your results in the comments. I’ll post my version on monday EOD.

[EDIT: my clock can be found here which I'll count as tomorrows post]

The last clock post I did was about the 24 hour clock have a look at that here.

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Quiz Question

Write code that pulls saturated moving colors from a web cam… that is… if you move a red coffee cup across the screen your code should capture the color red.

A few hints: frame differencing, hsb and get/setVector.

I’ll post my working version tomorrow or the next day… this is a challenging one so I may give an extra day before I post my solution….

Difficulty : Medium

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AS Quiz #17

This quiz jumps around a bit from MovieClips to OOP.

Number of Questions : 7
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : MovieClips and OOP

Please go to AS Quiz #17 to view the quiz
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