QuickBox2D 1.0 Features

Here is a quick list of the new features in QuickBox2D along with links to the docs.

1) The QuickBox2D.STEP event:
A few releases ago, frim (frame rate independent motion) was added to QuickBox2D. However, there was no way to execute calls to b2Body.ApplyImpulse() b2Body.SetLinearVelocity() etc… along with the b2World.Step() method. This meant that you couldn’t call these methods in a way that would truly maintain frim. As you’ll see in upcoming demos, rather than doing key controls or additional simulation logic in an enterframe event, I’ll be listening for the QuickBox2D.STEP event. This is executed every time a timeStep occurs. If frim is on, this the STEP event will be executed independently of frameRate.

2) Some features were added to help trigger events at specific times in the simulation. See:


…for an example of addTimeStepSequence() check out this recent post.

3) Some additional control was added to mouse dragging for QuickBox2D. There is a new property in the QuickBox2D params object called customMouse. When set to true, this enables you to pass in mouse coordinates rather than having QuickBox2D automatically use the coordinates of the DisplayObject that all the rigid bodies are being drawn to. This feature is useful if you are rendering using a 3D engine. See:

QuickBox2D customMouse

4) A few features were added to make contact points easy to work with. See:


…I’ll be posting a few demos showing how to use QuickContacts - here are the first two (more to come in the next few days):
part 1
part 2

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