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AS Quiz #6

Wrote this quiz on the fly today… I think it came out pretty hard. Tomorrow I’ll post an easier quiz.

Number of Questions : 5
Difficulty : Medium/Hard
Topic : Mixed (Math, BitmapData, Design Patterns, Tweening)

Which of the following is the correct way to convert from Polar to Cartesian coordinates? Note: this is pseudo-code

What is the default maximum recursion depth for ActionScript?

True or False... The only classes that implement IBitmapDrawable are BitmapData and DisplayObject.

True or False... implementing IBitmapDrawable doesn't require the actual implementation of any methods.

Which of the following patterns would you most likely associate with IBitmapDrawable?

Fill in the blank. The second argument of the BitmapData.draw() method is of type ________.

True of False... Using fl.transitions.Tween, will always be faster than any tweening engine out there (like TweenLite, GTween etc..).

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AS Quiz #5

Here is another quiz. The next quiz will be posted on Monday.

Number of Questions : 5
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : General

Please go to AS Quiz #5 to view the quiz
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QuickBox2D Update On the Way

Been meaning to mention that I’m going to release an updated version of QuickBox2D in the next few days… It will have two minor bug fixes, one or two minor new features and will work with the latest version of Box2D…

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AS Quiz #4

This quiz contains a few questions about design patterns. I think the best intro book to design patterns is Head First Design Patterns. (the examples are in Java but it is an excellent resource/intro). After that its worth checking out GOF

Number of Questions : 7
Difficulty : If you know patterns this will be easy, if not, it will make very little sense to you.
Topic : Design Patterns

Please go to AS Quiz #4 to view the quiz
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