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AS Quiz #10

Today’s quiz is about Events and OOP.

Number of Questions : 5
Difficulty : Easy
Topic : Events and OOP

Fill in the blank. addEventListener() is a method of the _________ class.

Which of the below best describes the arguments of the addEventListener() method.

IEventDispatcher is useful if you'd like to use __________ instead of inheritance.

True or False... There is no limit on the number of interfaces a class can implement.

Fill in the blank. Event constants are always of type _______.

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AS Quiz #9

There were lots of great submissions to yesterdays quiz. If you haven’t seen them, check them out here
Click here to see two solutions two solutions to yesterdays quiz…

Today’s quiz is medium level and covers a few different topics…

Number of Questions : 6
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : Graphics Class and more

Please go to AS Quiz #9 to view the quiz
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AS Quiz #8

Today’s quiz is not multiple choice. Instead, your task is to write a function that draws stairs that look like this:

Your function should have the following arguments:

drawStairs(graphics, stairNum);
// you may include additional arguments for size, depth etc..

Feel free to post your solution in the comments.

I’ll post my solution for this in the comments tomorrow. There is also another multiple choice quiz in the pipeline for tomorrow…

BONUS: Try to use as few Graphics class method calls as possible.

You can see my solutions here.

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AS Quiz #7

This quiz is about sound and gradients…

Number of Questions : 5
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : Sound and Gradients

Please go to AS Quiz #7 to view the quiz
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