Parallax Displacement Map w/BlendMode

  1. var blends:Array = [BlendMode.ADD, BlendMode.DARKEN, BlendMode.DIFFERENCE, BlendMode.HARDLIGHT, BlendMode.INVERT, BlendMode.LIGHTEN, BlendMode.MULTIPLY, BlendMode.OVERLAY, BlendMode.SCREEN, BlendMode.SUBTRACT];

and a little later...

  1. displace.perlinNoise(150,150, 3, 30, true, false,0,true);
  2. var currentBlend:String = blends[ blendCount % blends.length];
  3. displace.draw(radial, null ,null, currentBlend);
  4. blendCount++;

The above are excepts from a recommendation I made in the comments of yesterdays post...

Try some different blend modes.... take a look at the swf here.

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