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AS Quiz #18

Today’s quiz is about BitmapData and the Graphics class…

Number of Questions : 5
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : BitmapData, Graphics

True or False. Subpixel x and y coordinates for DisplayObjects are made possible by anti-aliasing.

Which of the following methods would you use to set a pixel with an alpha channel value?

Which of the following methods would you used if you wanted to boost performance when drawing to a BitmapData object?

True or False. Perlin Noise is built right into the BitmapData class.

Which of the following methods does not exist in the Graphics class?

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Clock Quiz

Here is a quick sunday quiz. Create some kind of clock with as little code as possible. Even just a textfield and the date object would cut it, but preferably try to do something a little more interesting. Post your results in the comments. I’ll post my version on monday EOD.

[EDIT: my clock can be found here which I'll count as tomorrows post]

The last clock post I did was about the 24 hour clock have a look at that here.

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Quiz Question

Write code that pulls saturated moving colors from a web cam… that is… if you move a red coffee cup across the screen your code should capture the color red.

A few hints: frame differencing, hsb and get/setVector.

I’ll post my working version tomorrow or the next day… this is a challenging one so I may give an extra day before I post my solution….

Difficulty : Medium

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AS Quiz #17

This quiz jumps around a bit from MovieClips to OOP.

Number of Questions : 7
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : MovieClips and OOP

Please go to AS Quiz #17 to view the quiz
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Prefix Notation (Lisp Style)

Today's quiz is not multiple choice. Instead, your task is to write a lisp style math parser. This may sound tricky, but it's surprisingly simple. (well... not simple exactly, it's just simple compared to what one might assume).

Lisp uses prefix notation... where the operator is placed before the operands:

10 * 10


* 10 10

You could think of this as a function "*" with two arguments (10, 10). In Lisp this is enclosed with parens:

(* 10 10)

Let's see a few more examples:

100 / 2 + 10


(+ (/ 100 2) 10)

2 * 4 * 6 * 7


(* 2 4 6 7)


(2 + 2) * (10 - 2) * 2


(* (+ 2 2) (- 10 2) 2)

Remember, thinking "functions" really helps. The above can be though of as:

multiply( add(2, 2), subtract(10 , 2), 2)

You should create a function called parsePrefix() that takes a string and returns a number:

Here is some code to test if your parser works properly:

  1. trace(parsePrefix("(* 10 10)"));
  3. trace(parsePrefix("(* 1 (+ 20 2 (* 2 7) 1) 2)"));
  5. trace(parsePrefix("(/ 22 7)"));
  7. trace(parsePrefix("(+ (/ 1 1) (/ 1 2) (/ 1 3) (/ 1 4))"));
  9. /* Should trace out:
  10. 100
  11. 74
  12. 3.142857142857143
  13. 2.083333333333333
  14. */

I highly recommend giving this a try, it was one of those cases where I assumed it would be much trickier than it was.

I've posted my solution here.

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AS Quiz #15 (Hardest Quiz Yet)

This is probably the hardest quiz yet. After yesterdays very easy quiz I figured I'd do something really trickey... binary is always a good way to make a quiz hard... so most of the questions are about binary operators and ByteArray... there is also one question about Bezier math.

Number of Questions : 7
Difficulty : Hard
Topic : Binary and Bezier

Please go to AS Quiz #15 (Hardest Quiz Yet) to view the quiz
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AS Quiz #14

Today's quiz is about TextFields.

Number of Questions : 6
Difficulty : Easy
Topic : TextFields

Please go to AS Quiz #14 to view the quiz

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AS Quiz #13

Today's quiz is not multiple choice. Instead, your task is to draw a spiral using a recursive function.

Optionally you can alter your function to draw other types of spiral forms:

(You can view various solutions in the comments - as well as my solution at wonderfl)

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AS Quiz # 12

Today's quiz is not multiple choice. Instead, use your choice of the Graphics class or BitmapData to write a function that generates the below image:

Your function need not take any arguments, it need only return a display object containing the above image.

Feel free to post your solution in the comments.

[EDIT] Solutions:

The solutions that have been posted in the comments so far are REALLY nice - they're all worth checking out... and I think everyone posted their code to wonderfl so you can see the result without needing to open flash....

My two solutions:
The first solution is a variation on an example from the book I wrote with Rich Shupe:
First Solution

The next solution is actually in an old post from this site - it uses setPixel and HSV - RGB conversion:
Second Solution

Thanks to everyone who posted solutions so far - I'm surprised again by how many people participate in this format of quiz.

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AS Quiz #11

Today's quiz jumps around from topic to topic, touching on filters, events, BitmapData and more...

Number of Questions : 6
Difficulty : Medium
Topic : Miscellaneous

Please go to AS Quiz #11 to view the quiz
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