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Great ActionScript Site

I keep meaning to post a link to this site... really great articles over there.... I highly recommend reading through them...


After reading Everything's a Function. I remembered another strange thing that I noticed about the ActionScript compiler and auto-formatting.

Auto-formatting in flash is totally broken and can completely ruin your code - so never use it. It's officially unusable as far as I'm concerned. I can dig up some code later and add it here... most people reading this probably know exactly what I'm talking about...

Anyway... one thing I've seen auto-formatting do is to remove the () after a class instantiation...

From this:

var s:Sprite = new Sprite();

to this:

var s:Sprite = new Sprite;

... and you would think the second one would break, but it doesn't - it works just fine.... very odd... to see it in action try this:

  1. var s:Sprite = new Sprite;
  2. with(s.graphics) beginFill(0xFF0000), drawCircle(0,0,500);
  3. addChild(s);

Can anyone shed light on that?

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