Function Returns a Function

  1. appendExclamation("actionsnippit")("dot")("com")("is")("live");
  3. function appendExclamation(str:String):Function{
  4.   trace(str + "! ");
  5.   return appendExclamation;
  6. }
  8. /* outputs:
  9. actionsnippit!
  10. dot!
  11. com!
  12. is!
  13. live!
  14. */

This technique allows you to call a function more than once on one line. I first saw this used in the source files from a talk at flashcoders ny... I didn't attend the talk, but stumbled on this interesting blog post awhile back

This is a fun technique to use, I've found some unusual uses for it already... some of which you'll see in later posts....

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