QuickBox2D Nodes

Been thinking about nonsense nodes recently so I created this with my QuickBox2D editor. I have yet to release the editor because its buggy, but it does work nicely for some things:

Have a look at the swf....

  1. import com.actionsnippet.qbox.*;
  3. stage.quality="medium";
  4. var sim:QuickBox2D = new QuickBox2D(this, {gravityY:0.2});
  6. sim.setDefault({fillColor:0xEFEFEF, fillAlpha:0.5, lineColor:0x666666});
  9. var auto4:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:9.33, y:4.67, width:1.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  10. var auto5:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:11, y:4.67, width:1.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  11. var auto6:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:12.67, y:4.67, width:1.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  12. var auto7:QuickObject = sim.addCircle({x:11, y:3, radius:0.67, density:1});
  13. var auto11:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:9, y:6, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  14. var auto13:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:9, y:7, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  15. var auto15:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:11, y:6.33, width:1.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  16. var auto17:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:14, y:4.33, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  17. var auto18:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:15, y:4.33, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  18. var auto19:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:14, y:3, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  19. var auto25:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:12.17, y:6.33, width:0.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  20. var auto26:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:13.17, y:6.33, width:0.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  21. var auto29:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:13.67, y:7.67, width:3.33, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  22. var auto32:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:10.67, y:7.67, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  23. var auto35:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:9, y:8, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  24. var auto37:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:9, y:9, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  25. var auto38:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:10.33, y:9.33, width:1.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  26. var auto39:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:11.67, y:9, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  27. var auto40:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:12.67, y:9.67, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  28. var auto41:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:13.67, y:9.67, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  29. var auto42:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:15, y:9.33, width:1.33, height:1.33, angle: 0, density:1});
  30. var auto43:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:11.67, y:10, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  31. var auto44:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:11.67, y:11, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  32. var auto45:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:15, y:10.67, width:1.33, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  33. var auto46:QuickObject = sim.addBox({x:9, y:10, width:0.67, height:0.67, angle: 0, density:1});
  34. var auto62:QuickObject = sim.addCircle({x:12.67, y:1, radius:0.33, density:0});
  35. // joints:
  36. sim.setDefault({frequencyHz:0.7, lineColor:0x666666});
  37. var auto8:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto7.body, b:auto4.body, x1:11, y1:3, x2:9.33, y2:4.33});
  38. var auto9:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto7.body, b:auto5.body, x1:11, y1:3, x2:11, y2:4.33});
  39. var auto10:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto7.body, b:auto6.body, x1:11, y1:3, x2:12.67, y2:4.33});
  40. var auto12:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto11.body, b:auto4.body, x1:9, y1:6, x2:9, y2:5});
  41. var auto14:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto11.body, b:auto13.body, x1:9, y1:6, x2:9, y2:7});
  42. var auto16:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto5.body, b:auto15.body, x1:11, y1:5, x2:11, y2:6});
  43. var auto20:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto6.body, b:auto19.body, x1:12.67, y1:4.33, x2:14, y2:3});
  44. var auto21:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto19.body, b:auto17.body, x1:14, y1:3, x2:14, y2:4.33});
  45. var auto22:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto17.body, b:auto18.body, x1:14, y1:4.33, x2:15, y2:4.33});
  46. var auto23:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto17.body, b:auto6.body, x1:14, y1:4.33, x2:13, y2:4.33});
  47. var auto24:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto7.body, b:auto19.body, x1:11, y1:3, x2:14, y2:3});
  48. var auto27:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto6.body, b:auto25.body, x1:12.17, y1:5.1, x2:12.17, y2:5.97});
  49. var auto28:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto6.body, b:auto26.body, x1:13.2, y1:5.1, x2:13.23, y2:6.1});
  50. var auto30:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto18.body, b:auto29.body, x1:15, y1:4.33, x2:15, y2:7.67});
  51. var auto31:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto17.body, b:auto29.body, x1:14, y1:4.33, x2:15, y2:7.67});
  52. var auto33:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto15.body, b:auto32.body, x1:11, y1:6.33, x2:10.67, y2:7.67});
  53. var auto34:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto32.body, b:auto29.body, x1:10.67, y1:7.67, x2:12.33, y2:7.67});
  54. var auto36:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto13.body, b:auto35.body, x1:9, y1:7, x2:9, y2:8});
  55. var auto47:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto35.body, b:auto37.body, x1:9, y1:8, x2:9, y2:9});
  56. var auto48:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto46.body, b:auto37.body, x1:9, y1:10, x2:9, y2:9});
  57. var auto49:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto37.body, b:auto38.body, x1:9, y1:9, x2:10.33, y2:9.33});
  58. var auto50:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto46.body, b:auto38.body, x1:9, y1:10, x2:10.33, y2:9.33});
  59. var auto51:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto38.body, b:auto39.body, x1:10.33, y1:9.33, x2:11.67, y2:9});
  60. var auto52:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto38.body, b:auto43.body, x1:10.33, y1:9.33, x2:11.67, y2:10});
  61. var auto53:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto38.body, b:auto44.body, x1:10.33, y1:9.33, x2:11.67, y2:11});
  62. var auto54:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto39.body, b:auto40.body, x1:11.67, y1:9, x2:12.67, y2:9.67});
  63. var auto55:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto43.body, b:auto40.body, x1:11.67, y1:10, x2:12.67, y2:9.67});
  64. var auto56:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto44.body, b:auto40.body, x1:11.67, y1:11, x2:12.67, y2:9.67});
  65. var auto57:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto41.body, b:auto40.body, x1:13.67, y1:9.67, x2:12.67, y2:9.67});
  66. var auto58:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto41.body, b:auto42.body, x1:13.67, y1:9.67, x2:14.67, y2:9.67});
  67. var auto59:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto42.body, b:auto29.body, x1:14.67, y1:9, x2:15, y2:7.67});
  68. var auto60:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto42.body, b:auto29.body, x1:15.33, y1:9, x2:15, y2:7.67});
  69. var auto61:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto42.body, b:auto45.body, x1:15, y1:9.33, x2:15, y2:10.67});
  70. var auto63:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto62.body, b:auto7.body, x1:12.67, y1:1, x2:11, y2:3});
  71. var auto64:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto62.body, b:auto19.body, x1:12.67, y1:1, x2:14, y2:3});
  72. var auto65:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto25.body, b:auto29.body, x1:12.17, y1:6.8, x2:12.27, y2:7.67});
  73. var auto66:QuickObject = sim.addJoint({a:auto26.body, b:auto29.body, x1:13.2, y1:6.8, x2:13.2, y2:7.6});
  75. sim.start();
  76. sim.mouseDrag();

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  1. JSlice390
    Posted March 26, 2010 at 10:39 am | Permalink

    Interesting. Looking forward to the editor. Any target date for a release?

  2. Posted March 26, 2010 at 3:23 pm | Permalink


    This just opens new design level options really wide :)
    Tnx for your awesome work and please, keep sharing!


  3. Senthil Kumaran
    Posted March 26, 2010 at 11:32 pm | Permalink

    Really cool…… I need to make some amazing things using quickbox2d

  4. Posted March 27, 2010 at 11:17 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the kind words. Not sure I’ll be releasing the editor any time soon because of bugs… that said, I may just release it and see if someone else is up to the task of fixing it up to be more usable.

    Right now it’s all key controlled and has a few strange bugs that I never got around to fixing. As well as no documentation. So getting it up to par would be a bit of a tastk. We’ll see over the coming weeks what happens as I work on these node structures.

  5. Posted April 14, 2010 at 7:57 pm | Permalink

    Hi there, I’m using your quickbox and loving it! Was wondering if there’s a way to mouse drag only one object instead of all objects on screen… possible?
    (right now sim.mouseDrag(); makes all non rigid ones dragable..)

    I have a project where I want to control one object (by dragging it) and it would interact with all other objects on stage…

  6. Posted April 16, 2010 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    Every quickObject has as draggable param. Try doing:


    // for the one element you want to be able to drag

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