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Emmet as a Template (aka zen-coding)

This is not the most useful thing in the world - was just an idea I had awhile back… First off, I love Emmet (formerly zen-coding) created by Sergey Chikuyonok. I especially like it for quickly writing html or jsx.
While I don’t use them that often, I really enjoy Jade and Pug. Anyway, I realized [...]

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The Experimental Zeta Project

Sometime in 2015 I decided to do an experiment. I created a speed coded graphics library with the intention of eventually completely re-writing it . The idea being, I would work on an elegant (albeit strange) graphics library that would make it easy to quickly create complex graphics with very little code. The result was [...]

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ArcType (quick and easy math authoring)

In 2015 I was writing lots of short recreational math documents. To aid myself in the creation of these, I built ArcType.
ArcType is a minimalistic editor that combines LaTeX, Markdown, HTML/CSS, gnuplot and Octave all in one place. A few months back I took ArcType and finalized it so that others could use it. [...]

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Dynamic Getter

Getters in ES6 are usually defined within a class like this:

class RandomPoint {
get x() {
return Math.random();
get y() {
return Math.random();

In this case we use [...]

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Bringing You Back To Life

So… for years I’ve left this blog alone as an archive of all my actionscript stuff. I moved over to for a bit and then became so busy that I stopped blogging almost altogether. I still come back here probably once or twice a month to reference something… at least for me, this blog [...]

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HTML5 Canvas Tutorial

If you haven’t tried the html5 canvas tag yet, I suggest you give it a try. It falls under the same category as ActionScript’s Graphics and BitmapData classes. It is however much much simpler. One great thing about it is it runs really fast on IOS5. Have a look at some of these demos to [...]

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Gumowski/Mira Pseudo-Soundwave


[SWF(width = 600, height = 600)]

var a:Number = 0.02;

var b:Number = .9998;


var xn1:Number = 5;

var yn1:Number = 0;

var xn:Number, yn:Number;


var scale:Number = 10;

var iterations:Number = 20000;

var step:Number = stage.stageWidth / iterations;


function f(x:Number):Number{

    var x2:Number = x * x;

    return a * x + (2 * (1 - a) * x2) [...]

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Closest Point on a Line


// from



function getClosestPoint(A:*, B:*, P:*, segmentClamp:Boolean=true):Point {

    var AP:Point = new Point(P.x - A.x, P.y - A.y),

        AB:Point = new Point(B.x - A.x, B.y - A.y);

    var ab2:Number=AB.x*AB.x+AB.y*AB.y;

    var ap_ab:Number=AP.x*AB.x+AP.y*AB.y;

    var t:Number=ap_ab/ab2;

    if (segmentClamp) {

        if (t<0.0) {


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Stereoscopic Papervision

Cross your eyes to see 3D third image:

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2018 UPDATE: grab the zip here
Seems I missed a good 15-20 requests over the years - so here it is ^^
Who would like a zip of the folder I used when making this site fla files and all? If you want one, post a comment and I'll send it to you.
Actually have a little [...]

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