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XML Source


  <make reference="blur" class="flash.filters.BlurFilter">
    <set blurX="10" blurY="10" />
  <make reference="filts" class="Array" args="blur" />
  <make reference="mat" class="flash.geom.Matrix">
    <call method="rotate" args="1" />
    <set tx="100" ty="100" />
  <make reference="box" class="flash.display.Sprite" >
    <set filters="filts" transform.matrix="mat"/>
    <call method="graphics.beginFill" args="0x000000" />
    <call method="graphics.drawRect" args="-50,-50,100,100" />
  <call method="addChild" args="box" />
  <make reference="tf" class="flash.text.TextFormat">
    <set font="'Verdana'" size="12" color="0xFFFFFF" />
  <make reference="txt" class="flash.text.TextField" >
    <set defaultTextFormat="tf" autoSize="'center'" text="'XML to AS3'" />
  <make reference="circle" class="flash.display.Sprite" >
    <set x="140" y="300" />
    <call method="graphics.beginFill" args="0xFF0000" />
    <call method="graphics.drawCircle" args="0,0,100" />
    <call method="addChild" args="txt" />
  <call method="addChild" args="circle" />